And the President's Award goes to.......


Milo Peterson Ford!  If you are driving north out of Kenyon on 56, it's not long before you will see rows and rows of cars and trucks. A big blue Ford sign tells you that you've arrived at the well-loved Milo Peterson Ford dealership that won the President's award and the One Ford Elite Award in 2021. What's the President's Award? It is an award given by the Ford Motor Company for outstanding sales and service. Only a few dealerships are lucky enough to have received this award, and it is through adherence to a strict standard of criteria that is met by polling the customers of the Ford dealerships everywhere. After a vehicle has been sold or serviced, the customers are asked to rate their experience, and in order to win, you need score nearly 100% satisfaction. Now that is saying a lot!

Milo Peterson started his dealership in 1961, and ran it until his son, Jerry took over. Now, Paul, the third generation is running the show. Paul Peterson started working at the dealership under his father at age 12, washing cars. As he continued to work there, he learned the business from the ground up. With all the hands-on training, he knows every aspect of the business and what it takes to keep it running, even through the hard times. He says he bleeds Ford blue!

Peterson Ford not only sells the vehicles, but does full service in the mechanics and body work aspects as well. This makes it easy for the customers to keep their vehicles in top shape, which is very important, especially to the agriculture and livestock businesses out there. After all, an Ford truck is the workhorse of the operations in and out of the field. "Our customers need to know that when maintenance is needed, we are here for them, and get those trucks back out there as quickly as possible." says Peterson. "We have repeat customers who come back time and time again. In the holiday season when families get together to celebrate, I love seeing children, who have moved away, come in for their oil changes, new tires, or whatever service they need while they are here visiting their families, so we can catch up."

Peterson has 17 employees who live in and near Kenyon. Many of them have been with him for over 30 years. It is important for them to know they have security in this ever-evolving economy. They are like a tight knit family, and Paul counts on each one to help keep his business moving in the right direction. He gives credit to the men and women who keep the dealership running, and would like to thank them for their loyalty to the dealership.

I asked him how the pandemic has affected the business. He says it is still really hard to get new vehicles because of the supply and demand for parts, but that he is always willing to take orders for new vehicles, and get them to the customer as soon as they are available. He notes that he is buying used vehicles from people all the time, at higher than average prices. If you have a vehicle you want to get rid of, Paul will give you a price that may surprise you. Since many people are working from home these days, a lot of families are able to sell one vehicle and get by comfortably with just one. 

I asked him why he thinks his business is so successful. He says it is the old fashioned way he does business. There are no gimmicks, no games played, just honest and fair pricing. He knows the recipe for success is in honesty and integrity, and that word of mouth advertising is crucial to success. People he works with know that he stands behind his word, and will do everything in his power to keep his customers happy. If a customer needs their vehicle serviced, he will even have the vehicle picked up and delivered back home after the maintenance is completed. 

And one last note....... Milo Peterson Ford is a part of Northland Ford, who sponsors the 8 and 1 Minnesota Vikings!!  Go Vikings!  Skol!