Goodhue County WIC Provides One-on-One Support Before and During a Parent’s Breast/Chestfeeding Journey


Breastfeeding is important for babies, mothers, other birthing parents, and families. Many families start breast/chestfeeding but are often not able to meet their goals due to lack of support. Goodhue County Women, Infants & Children (WIC) supports families before and during their infant feeding journey by talking about the importance of human milk, providing extra foods to support a lactating parent’s nutrition needs, and providing resources to help families reach their infant feeding goals.

A support system can be key to successful breastfeeding, especially when the journey is challenging. WIC is here for families every step of the way, beginning with pregnancy. We provide additional food benefits for pregnant and lactating parents, but our support goes beyond food. Whether it’s working with a WIC breastfeeding specialist, connecting with a WIC breastfeeding peer counselor, or getting connected to other resources in your community, WIC can help in so many ways.

WIC Supports Families

Goodhue County WIC supports breastfeeding in any amount and is here for families feeding their babies with a combination of human milk and formula and families exclusively using formula. The nationwide formula recall and shortage is stressful for parents and soon-to-be parents.

  • Reach out to a WIC breastfeeding specialist or peer counselor at Goodhue County WIC for breastfeeding information and support. Creating a plan before birth and reaching out for help as soon as possible after birth can lead to successful breastfeeding.
  • WIC can help as parents return to work. Minnesota strengthened its law to protect pregnant and lactating parents in the workplace.
  • WIC provides formula benefits to supplement breastfeeding when needed and can provide tips to increase milk supply for parents using a combination of human milk and formula.

Peer Breastfeeding Program

The Peer Breastfeeding Support Program is available to serve 15% more WIC families statewide this year with four new programs. Some existing peer programs expanded capacity this year as well. The program features parents with personal experience breast/chestfeeding their own children, who are recruited from the communities they serve, and trained to help WIC participants with common breastfeeding issues.

National Breastfeeding Month

Goodhue County WIC and the Minnesota WIC Program is celebrating National Breastfeeding Month and World Breastfeeding Week by asking eligible families to apply for WIC early in pregnancy and ask for advice and support early and often during their infant feeding journey for the best possible outcomes.

  • For more information, contact Goodhue County WIC at 651-385-6120.

About Goodhue County Health and Human Services:

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