A Minnesotan

Easter Bunnies


There are many things to be said about Easter Sunday. From egg hunts to new Easter hats to funny Easter morning sermons that we’ve all heard at church. All of which I could go on and on about.

One of the things that has always been my favorite since I learned about chocolate has been Chocolate Easter Bunnies. But my love for them is nothing compared to the love my father has for chocolate bunnies. He loves them so much that I have seen him sing about them as he does a little dance. What he especially loves to do is to bite their ears off.

About two Easters ago my father, the pastor, was given multiple chocolate Easter bunnies by members of his churches. He was probably given about four or five bunnies that year from church members plus the one that we had already gotten for him.

The fact that he had multiple bunnies excited him to no end and that afternoon he felt he needed to bite the ears off of each chocolate bunny in succession. So we stood with the camera ready to watch him do just that, because one of those church members who had given him a bunny asked to get a photo when he went to bite the one she gave him.

So, he went down the line biting into the ear of each chocolate bunny and then he got to that last one that we had been asked to take the photo of. And when he bit into it, it wasn’t chocolate, but instead was hollow plastic. It looked so much like it was real chocolate he didn’t even suspect that it wasn’t real. After that he started to shake it and take it apart in hopes that there would be candy inside of the plastic bunny.

However, it was much like the tomb when he opened it up there was nothing there. The disappointment painted across his face when it dawned on him that he had been tricked was like no other. It was also the exact reason we were asked to photograph the moment.