Goodhue City Council Meeting - July 12, 2023


City of Goodhue

City Council Work Meeting Minutes

July 12, 2023

Present were Mayor Ellen Anderson Buck, Council Persons Jason Thuman, Joe Benda, Patrice O’Reilly, Chris Schmit and Jason Mandelkow-Public Works.

Motion by Schmit and seconded by O”Reilly to approve the Agenda. Motion carried 5-0.

Work Meeting Protocol- 2nd Wednesday each month: This meeting is designed for the council to meet and discuss items. The public is welcome to attend, and listen, but their will be no public input. If you have any questions or concerns, you will need to call city hall and ask to be on the Council Meeting Agenda.

Council Meetings- 4th Wednesday each month: This meeting is designed to take action on items. You will need to sign in upon entering the meeting, fill out the Public Comment Form and give it to the City Clerk. When it is your time to speak, you will need to stand at the podium, state your name and the topic you wish to speak about and be given 5 minutes to speak. Council will take you item under consideration at that time.

Private Pool Ordinance was reviewed.

Public Works report was given. Special meeting will be held Aug. 7, 2023, to discuss the purchase of equipment.

Police and Public Works reports will be shared with the council monthly.

Gas Commission Ordinance will be updated by the Gas Board.

Discussion on future consideration of hiring a City Administrator.

North Zumbro Sanitary District Forms were reviewed, and action will be taken at the July 26. 2023 Council Meeting.

There will be a North Zumbro Sanitary District Appreciation Picnic on Aug. 2nd, 2023, that all council members may be in attendance.

Mayor Buck attended the League of MN Cities Mayors Conference and gave a brief review.

Social Media Policy was reviewed; further discussion will be held at the next work meeting on Aug. 9th.

Fee Schedule was reviewed; further discussion will be on Aug. 7 Special Council Meeting.

Employee report to procedure was reviewed, updates will be worked on, and further discussion will be on Aug. 9.

Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance was reviewed with updates; Further discussion will be on Aug. 9.

Motion by Benda and seconded by O’Reilly to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 5-0

Respectfully Submitted

Jill Buxengard - City Clerk