Goodhue Market Has A New Owner


If you shop at the Goodhue Market grocery store regularly, you’ll recognize Jate Meyer. Jate has worked at the store on and off for about eight years, ever since he was a Goodhue High School Sophomore. You may not know that Jate is no longer an employee but the owner.

“It helps that I grew up here,” Meyer says of the transition to ownership. In addition to his long-time employment at the store, Jate has worked a few factory jobs and currently lives in River Falls, WI. With the store transfer official as of January 8th, he is hoping to move back into the local area soon. He is engaged to Alyssa Altman who works as a caregiver and is also involved with Goodhue Market’s operation.

The community’s long-standing grocery store underwent major renovations when it was purchased by Pete and Regina Poncelet in 2022. Jate already aspired to own the store at that time and was working on a five-year transition plan with the Poncelets. The timeline was pushed up after Pete suffered a heart attack in April 2023 and the Poncelets decided to step back from the business in order to pursue other interests.

With his intent to own the store already known, Jate was able to offer some input during the renovation process. He is happy with the outcome but may change a few things in the future. He says that it will be “Business as usual,” but plans to bring back the outdoor pop machine and donuts baked fresh in the morning. Jate says the store has been busy for January and he has received a lot of support from customers thanking him for keeping the vital community business open. He is grateful for his predecessors, the Poncelets and Don Schulte, for their mentorship and commitment to the store.

Meyer retained the store’s employees, noting that he is related to four of the five workers. His grandmother, Nancy Jennings, has worked at the store for about 40 years, first when it was Heaney and Gorman’s, then Don’s and now Goodhue Market. He says she thinks about retiring but knows she will stay on for a while now that he is the owner.

The store carries all the daily staples including frozen and canned goods, beverages, meat and bread. It’s been said they have “The best buns in the county” which are often ordered in bulk for local events. Meyer can also special order items like cakes, cookies and larger quantities of deli items and meat including pork sausage and hamburger.

Meyer says there’s a delicate balance to having the right amount of fresh produce and deli items available but tries to minimize waste. He says the pre-made Sub sandwiches are popular with local workers who come in to grab a sandwich, chips and a drink for a quick lunch on the go. “We see some people four times a day.”

Whether you want to meal prep for a week or just need to grab a greeting card or aspirin without going out of town, Goodhue Market has it all. Regular store hours are 8AM-6PM Monday-Saturday and 9 AM-1PM Sundays.