What’s Normal?


As we progress into the first days of Spring, we look back on a winter season that was not the typical Minnesota winter. We can also look back to the fourth anniversary of the Covid pandemic and the infamous shutdown the entire society endured. As that experience dragged on there was an increasing desire to see things “return to normal.” But how do you define normal?

Normal is “a standard, or regular pattern” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, and is often associated with a routine, or possibly a habit. One individual online described “normal” as that action or belief that is accepted by 62% of the population. However, what is considered normal may not be healthy, or good for you. How comfortable are you with making a healthy choice that is not be seen as ‘normal’?

The Standard American Diet is a common phrase used by nutritionist with the emphasis on the first letter of each word – S.A.D. The normal choices for food consumption among Americans has resulted in SAD consequences. Back around 1901, the normal consumption of sugar per American was around 5 pounds of sugar per year. Today, the normal consumption of sugar per American is over 100 pounds of sugar per year. Before 1930, vegetable oil, corn oil, soybean oil, and canola oil did not exist. Today, soybean oil and corn oil are the top oils consumed promoting significant inflammation. There are a multitude of foods available in our warehouse grocery depots that our great grandparents would not recognize. What we consider normal today has brought about SAD consequences.

Unfortunately, in our culture, normal is not the same as healthy. Consider some of these examples:

- More than 70% of the American population is overweight or obese leading to heart disease, diabetes, and a weakened immune system

- Premenstrual cramps, headaches, and irritability each month is considered normal

- Constipation with bowel movements less than once a day is considered normal

- Braces to straighten teeth and pulling wisdom teeth is considered normal

- More than 10 prescriptions per American is the current average

To make a healthy choice, or choose a healthy lifestyle is not considered normal. Do some of these healthy choices seem ‘abnormal’ to you:

- Have some vegetables with your breakfast

- Be sure to drink 8 cups of filtered water (or more) each day

- Eat an apple every day

- Eat only three meals a day with no snacks between meals

- Each meal should include a protein (meat, egg, dairy, or beans)

When what is normal is not a healthy choice, you and I have the opportunity to be an influence to our circle of friends and relatives to help them recognize a healthy option. To be an influencer is to be one who helps others to be interested and to recognize there is another choice available. The normal advertisements and recommendations coming across the television screen are not presenting healthy options, they are presenting normal options. Internet videos presenting extreme diets and exercise are not presenting healthy options, they are sales gimmicks. The healthy options are going to be consistent, natural-based options your great grandparents would recognize. Healthy options are lifestyle choices that promote longevity, fertility, and a healthy environment. You can be an influencer to help move the American culture back to a healthy standard. Perhaps one day, healthy choices will be the “new normal.”

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Make your health a priority in 2024. Change is required, but the outcome is worth the effort. Little changes can make a big difference over time. If you would like to pursue a healthy lifestyle and increase longevity, I can help.

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